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Are your marketing efforts falling short of the mark?
Are your advertising efforts bringing you little joy ?
Have you pondered the possible reasons WHY?

You need a High quality advertising campaign aimed at targeted traffic using geo targeting to get the right kind of customers to your website,customers who are interested in what you have to offer.

Firstly you need to find a quality advertising partner who will send your emails to pre sorted traffic for you.

You will also need a way of tracking your results to see what works best for you.
You may want to split test your email and text ads and use Key Words for optomization.

If you are not sure what some of these terms are,or you don’t know how to go about doing the things discussed,
Whether its Pay Per Click,Targeted Email,Site Targeted,split testing or Search Engine optimisation.
You can find a more indepth article that explains it all very easily at Nicholas McIntosh’s Blog.
I find this Blog extremely helpful and recommend it to those of you who are struggling to keep up in the internet marketing arena.

Don’t be fooled,just because its FREE information,doesn’t mean its inferior,on the contrary many have paid a lot of money for this same information and still are.

So if you are a Newbie or an Old Dog wanting to learn new tricks Go and check it out for yourself.

A Resouce That Can Save You Thousands

Not sure How to approach Social Networking or other methods of driving traffic to your business? its not a problem visit our blog and get the answers to your question.

The author of the blog Nicholas McIntosh explains in the easiest possible way,various principles of marketing,for both the beginner and the advanced marketer.

This week he explains the importance of social networking and the impact it can have on your business. “Social Networking Traffic Made Easy” is a resource well worth investing in,a direct link can be found on the blog and Don’t Worry its extremely affordable and will make a huge difference to your marketing work load.

Last week he explained the importance of video advertising and how to go about producing your own “Kick Ass”videos ….And yes he breaks it down into an easy to follow process .

I suggest you get on over to the blog and check it out for yourself , there is more information on all kinds of marketing stratergy,hints, tips and techniques.

You will be surprised at the amount of information you will get for free , I know from personal experience that this kind of information usually comes at a high price …SO grab it while you can.

The Right Biz Opp

Hello Again

Have you ever joined a business opportunity ,and started out all keen , cause it sounded so good and this was going to be THE ONE .

YEAH RIGHT !, a month or two down the track and you realised , you are on your own again , the promised support seems to have left port and left you as dissillusioned as ever .

WELL…. that just didn’t happen at My Club Shopping Account , I had people emailing me , Skypeing me and chatting ,it was great , it seems like there is always some-one around when you need them , even when you don’t .

And the training is made much easier with videos to watch that take you through each step of it , even then you will always find a willing helper around to explain something you may not understand .

The training and support is first class , and complimented by a blog that really is so useful, where you can comment or ask about concerns you may have with internet marketing, or the processes of running a successful online business.

So if you are looking for a new opportunity , come and join us,this is different from a lot of the other busineses, you can enjoy being a free partner and get paid to shop , or let us help you climb the 10 step ladder to success. You can do it !……..I know because I am and  I’m already halfway there.

Come back soon .

I’m Tired Of Being Ripped Off !

Hi there ,

Are you getting tired of being ripped off in this business ,The freebie that turns into a monthly fee ,The promises of instant wealth if you just follow the “never as simple as implied ” instructions.

These usually include you joining or buying various other offers or products,you are told that if you don’t the plan just won’t work effectively .

And of cause the FREE replica website that will make you rich AH YES !  the last free website I accepted ended up costing me over $200.00

To add insult to injure ….if you cannot afford to continue as instructed, you are blamed for your failure in as much as you FAILED to duplicate the GURU’S marvelous plan .. which …consisted of you handing over more money than you could really afford .After all you are doing all this in an effort to make money, not spend what you haven’t got.

WELL !,  I don’t know about you BUT I’m certainly over it !

BUT !… there is hope on the horizon ,there are some honest , and affordable bizopps out there. My favorite is to be found here, it’s within everyones financial reach, easy!, fun !, and has the ability to build a vested income for your future .

There are free training videos by Nicholas McIntosh explaining the latest marketing techniques and how to navigate easily through the site, making learning a breeze.

Regular contact with other members , a blog that keeps you up with the latest happenings and a 10 step ladder to success that you climb at your own pace , its all here for you .

Or , should you prefer to remain a shopper who gets paid to shop……you can join for  FREE and get your rewards back in CASH ….How good is that !

Check it out !….. I’m soooo impressed with it , so will you be , come join our team you won’t be sorry .

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